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TitleAdley, Rev. William
Extent115 docs.
DescriptionNellore, Jaffna: 1825-1838, 1841-1847
/1-75 Letters 1824-1838, 1840-1847 [including some relating to work on translation of tracts] including:
/1 Written from Madeira 1824;
/5 Includes account of festival of god Candeswamy held annually at Nellore 1825;
/7 Gives account of members of the church 1826;
/25 Gives account, copied from Madras newspaper, of murder of American missionaries, Mr. Lyman and Mr. Munson, killed by cannibals on trip to Padang as they were going through Batta territories 1834;
/61 Account of people baptised at Nellore 1843;
/71 Last page missing [see C CE M8 pp.593-594];

/76-80 Journals: Jun-Aug 1825; Mar-Apr, Sep 1826; Jan 1827 [extracts]; 31 Jul - 14 Aug 1831[extracts];
/81 Journal of journey to Madras Jan 1829 [taking little Sarah Richards, step-daughter of Joseph Knight to Madras to embark for America: includes account of Rajah Patnam and Tanjore];

/82-89 Annual reports 1826, 1838-1839, 1842-1845 including:
/82 Reports death of Gabriel, who helped J. Knight in compilation of dictionary 1826;
/85 Includes circular relating to transfer of St. John's church [Chundicully] to CMS, with detailed estimate of labour and materials for building house, and copies of correspondence with Archdeacon J. M. S. Glenie 1842;
/86 Signed by Adley and J. T. Johnston 1843;

/90-93 Circulars 1837, 1842, 1846 including:
/90 Repairs to house 1837;
/91-92 Relating to St. John's church [see /84] 1842;
/93 Relating to return to England of Mr. and Mrs. Adley on Mrs. Adley's medical certificate and relating to employment of Mr. Pargiter in Adley's absence; also relates to proposal by Sir Anthony Oliphant [see /104-105] 1846;

/94-96 Medical certificates 1845-1846;

/97-106 Letters from various correspondents:
/97 S. Joseph reporting work in Adley's absence [see /108] 1826;
/98 Major John Antill presenting cup and plate for use of Protestant Episcopal congregation at Jaffna 1828;
/99-100 European members of congregation presenting salver on Adley's return to England, with Adley's reply 1839;
/101 D. J. Watchico relating to supply of alphabets for school at Pesable in Manaar 1841;
/102 John Emmanuel, Manaar, relating to death of brother E. Joseph 1842;
/103 S. O. Glenie, Trincomalee 1845;
/104-105 Sir Anthony Oliphant proposing building a hospital for missionaries at Nuwara Eliya, with Adley's reply 1846;
/106 Thomas Mortimer, Cotta circa 1830 [watermark 1825];

/107 Translated copies of letters from native communicants to their namesakes: William Marsh, Edward Bickersteth,Thomas Mortimer, Josiah Pratt and John Raban 1827;
/108 Extracts from journal of S. Joseph during Adley's absence [see /97] 1828;
/109 Memoir of Samuel, a converted Malabar 1830;
/110 Account of Nellore and annual ceremonies at the principal temple 1832;
/111 Extract from statement by Philip Mathew, catechist, relating to wife's conversion 1838;
/112 Address to CMS headquarters from students on Adley's returning to England [31 signatures] 1840;
/113A-E Accounts of conversion by ?pupils of Adley: Francis Taylor, William Adley, Samuel Ovelier, William Sawyer, Lopus 1842;
/114 Letter to Adley's servant, William Adley from Joseph Fenn, relating to Fenn's conversion, to be sent to headquarters 1844;
/115 Account of conversion, by Philip Gell 1844
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