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TitleBailey, Rev. Joseph
Extent161 docs.
DescriptionChairman of annual meeting 1838-1844; Secretary of annual meeting 1830-1832, 1834-1837; Cotta 1828-1844
/1-108 Letters 1821-1844 including:
/20 Describes [detailed] Mauritius including reference to Mr. le Brun, London Missionary Society missionary 1826;
/24 Includes list of books ordered for English school, Cotta and outstations 1828;
/40, 66 From Mrs. Octavia Bailey 1835, 1838;
/49B Address to youths in Christian Institution Cotta at the dismissal of Henry Martyn 1836;
/60B Letter from Bailey as secretary to Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society to Rev. A. Brandram, secretary of British and Foreign Bible Society relating to Cotta Bible and objections by Wesleyan mission to translation [copy: see /149] 1837;
/64 Relating to printing and employment at the press of brother-in-law, J. A. Bulmer 1838;
/70 Includes copy of letter from Governor, J. A. Stewart Mackenzie relating to possibility of CMS taking on work at Mantotte 1839;
/71 Includes reference to death of Rev. J. Marsh and appointment of successor in Colombo Academy [see /129] 1839;
/77 Relating to bishop's visitation 1840;
/82 Relating to death of Rev. Joseph Knight 1840;
/86 Relating to daughter Sophia's education 1841;
/91 Relating to J. T. Johnston 1841;
/94 Extract from report of Cotta printing and book-binding departments 1840;
/99-101 Includes correspondence relating to remarks by William Oakley referring to Bailey's actions as chairman of mission 1842;

/109-117 Annual reports [including printing press and Institution] [jointly by Bailey and J. Selkirk 1834-1838, Bailey and J. F. Haslam 1839-1842] 1834-1842 including:
/109 Includes notes on boys in Institution 1834;
/110 Includes meeting of Cotta missionaries and completion of printing of Cotta Bible 1834;
/113 Includes Narampitta school report 1838;
/114 Includes copies of correspondence relating to death of Rev. J. Marsh; letter from C. Jayesinhe and A. Gunesekara offering for ordination 1839;
/115 Includes copy of address to bishop of Madras on his visit to Cotta 1839;
/116 Includes correspondence with government 1841;

/118-131 Correspondence as secretary of mission [mainly copies] 1828-1839 including:
/118 Correspondence with S. Lambrick [Chairman of mission] and other missionaries, including Rev. A. Armour, Minister of St. Paul's Colombo, relating to appointment of missionary to St. Paul's church 1828;
/119 Letter from F. Spring, Secretary of Madras Corresponding Committee relating to salary of printer 1832;
/120 Circular relating to health of Mrs. Browning; statement of reason for dismissal of Elias Andrews and S. B. G. Erhardt 1833;
/121-122 Correspondence with Calcutta Corresponding Committee relating to payment of outfit for F. de Livera 1835;
/123-124 Correspondence relating to appointment of W. Ridsdale as Superintendent of printing press at Bishop's College Calcutta 1836;
/125 Extract from proceedings of annual meeting, including memorial to bishop of Calcutta relating to devil worship 1838;
/126 Letter to Rev. G. C. Trimnell relating to his leaving Ceylon before the arrival of Rev. H. Powell 1838;
/127 Correspondence with Alfred Spalding relating to his joining Ceylon mission 1838;
/128 Letter in reply to Hon. Mrs. Stewart Mackenzie [wife of Governor] relating to need for missionary in Nuwara Eliya 1839;
/129-131 Correspondence with governor relating to death of Mr. Marsh and replacement as headmaster of Colombo Academy [see /71, 133] 1839;

/132-148 Correspondence as chairman of mission 1839-1843 including:
/132 Correspondence with government relating to opening of new schools with government support 1839;
/133 Correspondence with governor relating to appointment of Mr. Haslam to Colombo Academy 1840;
/134 Letter relating to Jaffna chaplaincy 1840;
/135 Correspondence with Mrs. M. Gibson relating to CMS taking over her school and land at Bona Vista Galle 1840-1841;
/136 Correspondence with bishop of Madras relating to transfer of Rev. J. T. Johnston to Nellore 1841;
/137 Correspondence relating to particulars of estates at Baddegama and near Kandy, considered as places where schools might be opened 1841;
/138-139 Correspondence with governor relating to his presenting communion cup and paten to Cotta church, with copy of inscription 1841;
/140 Correspondence relating to manning Kandy and Baddegama stations 1841;
/141 Correspondence with governor relating to building church in Kandy 1841;
/142 Correspondence with L. Spaulding, American mission, relating to employment of heathen schoolmasters 1841;
/143 Extract from proceedings of 23rd annual meeting, relating to location of missionaries 1841;
/144-146 Correspondence relating to removal of Rev. A. Gunasekara from Baddegama to Cotta 1842;
/147 Correspondence and proposals relating to formation of Colombo Auxiliary CMS 1842;
/148 Correspondence with bishop of Madras arranging ordination service at Jaffna 1843;

/149-153 Letters from other correspondents including:
/149 D. J. Gogerly, Wesleyan mission relating to charges in connection with the Colombo Bible Society [see /60B: copy] 1835;
/150 J. Marsh [copy] 1836;
/151 Bishop of Madras after visitation of Cotta 1840;
/152 Bishop of Madras relating to spiritual and temporal oversight of missionary affairs 1840;
/153 E. Rawdon Power proposing appointment of clergyman to Rewenella [Ruwanwella] [copy] 1843;
/154 Letter to Local Committee from Mrs. S. Bailey 1823;

/155 Medical certificate: Mrs. O. Bailey 1844;
/156 Extracts from sermon by Bailey on behalf of Ceylon church mission 1829;
/157 Address of welcome to bishop of Madras on visitation of Cotta 1840;
/158 Death certificate: Joseph Bailey 1844;
/159 Circular relating to health of Mrs. S. Bailey 1824;
/160 Letter from J. B. H. Bailey [Bailey's son] relating to expenses of Mrs. O. Bailey returning to England after Bailey's death [copy] 1844;
/161 Letter from J. Brookett Bailey relating to death of Mr. Haslam 1850
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