Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C CE O48
TitleDowbiggin, Rev. Richard T.
Extent82 docs.
DescriptionChairman of Church Council; Principal of Cotta Institution; Superintendent of evangelistic agents in Cotta and Colombo; Cotta, Baddegama and Colombo 1868-1878
/1-46 Letters 1867-1869, 1871-1880 including:
/14 Relates to encouragement of native church independence 1871;
/20 Includes sketch plan of Cotta district 1873;
/22 Includes rules of Cotta CM Association 1874;
/25 Includes rough plan of itinerating districts around Colombo 1874;
/29 Relates to Bastien Perera 1875;

/47-60 Annual reports 1868-1876, 1878-1879;
/61-76 Annual letters 1867-1868, 1870-1879;
/77-78 Journal extracts Feb 1868 - Feb 1869;
/79 Memorandum relating to Rev. A. Lockwood's appointment to Christ Church Galle Face, Colombo 1873, with remarks by Richard Dowbiggin, Thomas Good, William Clark and John Allcock 1873;
/80-81 Memorandum on retiring and pension fund for widows and disabled pastors and catechists [two copies] 1876-1877;
/82 Report of meeting at Galle Face schoolroom on Mr. H. Newton's returning to England, and relating to some alterations and changes in the church fabric, introducing plain stained glass windows [see O75/73, O90/10-11] 1878
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