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TitleHaslam, Rev. John Fearby
Extent64 docs.
DescriptionSecretary of annual meeting 1842-1850; Cotta Institution 1839-1850
/1-39 Letters 1839-1850 including:
/11 Relates to death of Joseph Bailey 1844;
/16, 23 Contain reference to revision of Singhalese scriptures 1846, 1847;
/19-20 Circulars relating to health, and proposed transfer from Cotta Institution to translation work 1847;
/29 Relates to relationships with Parent Committee;
/33 Relates to erection of church at Cotta, signed by John Haslam, A. D. Gordon and I. Wood 1849;
/40-43 Journals: Sep 1839 - Mar 1840; Oct 1841 - Dec 1841;

/44-45 Annual reports 1844-1845 [see O30/109-117 for 1839-1842], /44 signed by John Haslam, Henry Powell and F. W. Taylor, /45 signed by John Haslam and Francis William Taylor;

/46-60 Circulars 1846-1848 including:
/46 Relates to printing of John Haslam's book 'First lessons in English and Singhalese' 1846;
/49, 58 Relate to bishop's request that candidates for catechists should attend Cotta Institution 1847;
/52-53 Relate to grant of Singhalese Bibles to Rev. Davies, Baptist missionary, with his letter 1847;
/54 Relates to printing new translation of Genesis 1847;
/55 Relates to printing of 'Arithmetic' 1847;
/56 Relates to printing tracts of bishop 1847;
/60 Relates to A. D. Gordon's admission to priest's orders 1848;

/61-62 Medical certificates 1846;
/63 Copies of correspondence with governor relating to John Haslam's appointment to Colombo Academy 1839;
/64 Extracts relating to rules for passage money from annual missionaries' meeting 1841, 1843 [John Haslam secretary] 1847
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