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TitleLambrick, Rev. Samuel
Extent81 docs.
DescriptionChairman of annual meeting 1826-1834: Kandy 1820-1822; Cotta 1822-1834
/1-49 Letters 1820-1834, 1836 including:
/3-5 Letters from Samuel Lambrick and Thomas Browning 1821;
/6, 8, 11, 18, 20 Relate to Singhalese translation and Professor [Samuel] Lee [see /74-80] 1822-1823, 1825-1826;
/9 Includes description of Cotta 1823;
/18 Includes list of staff and servants at Cotta station [no names] 1825;
/19 Refers to the durability of paper in Ceylon climate 1826;
/22, 33 Relate to proposed school for missionaries' children at the Nilgheri Hills 1826, 1828;
/34 Relates to supplying man for St. Paul's, Colombo 1829;
/40-41, 45-46 Relate to Rev. Joseph Marsh 1831, 1833;
/47 Letter relating to William Ridsdale 1836;

/50-59 Annual reports 1822-1828, 1830-1832 including:
/55-56, 58-59 Report by Samuel Lambrick, Joseph Bailey and James Selkirk, 1827-1828, 1831-1832;
/57 Signed by Samuel Lambrick and James Selkirk 1830;

/60-63 Correspondence with government including:
/60 Extract from 'Ceylon Government Gazette': address to Sir Robert Brownrigg on his leaving Ceylon, with his reply [printed] 1820;
/61 Letter from secretary to government relating to inadvisability of missionaries being stationed outside Kandy 1822;
/62 Letter to governor from Samuel Lambrick, presenting the second part of his 'Grammar' 1826;
/63 Letter from secretary to government relating to pamphlets against Buddhism, allegedly printed by CMS Cotta press, with reply by Samuel Lambrick, J. Bailey and J. Selkirk 1826;

/64 Copies of correspondence with Archdeacon Glenie relating to St. Paul's, Colombo [see /32] 1828;
/65 Letter to bishop of Calcutta relating to Cotta Bible 1831;
/66 Letter to missionaries relating to return to England 1834;
/67 Letter from Cotta missionaries Samuel Lambrick, Joseph Knight, Robert Mayor, J. Bailey, G. S. Faught, to James Selkirk, with James Selkirk's reply 1827;
/68 Letter from Rev. A. Armour, Wesleyan missionary, proposing placing a missionary in Colombo 1828;
/69 Letter from Charles Beling to Cotta missionaries, giving account of life and offering himself as a missionary 1827;
/70 Memoir of Coomaravel, a Singhalese, died at Baddegama, aged 15, 1826;
/71 Samuel Lambrick's report to Committee of Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society relating to Singhalese version of the bible 1826;
/72 Account of proceedings at laying of foundation stone of Cotta Christian Institution 1828;
/73 Inventory of Samuel Lambrick's books taken for Cotta library: Hebrew, Oriental, Greek, Latin, French and English [two lists, not quite duplicates: circa 200 titles] 1829;
/74 Letter from W. C. Armstrong to secretaries at headquarters mentioning work done by Samuel Lambrick in Kandy 1820;
/75 Letter to secretaries at headquarters from N. Garstin relating to his bills, about which Samuel Lambrick had written 1829;
/76-79 Letters to Colombo Auxiliary Bible Society [secretary Rev. J. M. S. Glenie] relating to Singhalese translation of the bible [printed] 1823, 1826;
/80 Address in English and Singhalese explaining difference in styles of the two extant Singhalese versions of the bible [printed] 1826;
/81 'An essay to shew that every version of the Holy Scripture should conform to the original in adopting one word throughout for each of the personal pronouns' by Samuel Lambrick [printed] 1826
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