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TitleOakley, Rev. William
Extent668 docs.
DescriptionChairman of annual meeting 1848-1850: Chairman of Southern Local Committee 1851-1874, 1876-1880: mission secretary 1870-1880: member of Finance Committee: Kandy 1835-1870; Nuwara Eliya [but reporting on South Ceylon as a whole] 1870-1880
/1-519 Letters including many relating to committee affairs (including finance) 1835-1880; refers to Ceylon controversy 1876-1880. These include:
/11, 13 Relate to Haslam's appointment as Principal of Colombo Academy 1839;
/14, 15 Relate to S. J. Mills and H. Perera 1840;
/16 Incomplete: 1840;
/18 Relates to arrival of Baptist missionaries in Kandy and comments on their work 1841;
/21, 25 Including protest by William Oakley and Charles Greenwood relating to removal of Abraham Gunesekera from Baddegama to Cotta 1842;
/22 Incomplete 1842;
/23-24, 26, 30 Relate to alleged irregularities in conduct of Joseph Bailey, Chairman of mission 1842-1843;
/26 Relates to bad packing of supplies 1842;
/28 Includes reference to Baptists 1843;
/30 Includes sketch of ground plan of mission premises at Cotta 1843;
/43 Relates to translation of Genesis 1847;
/44 Includes notes on local estimates 1847;
/47 Relates to building church at Gatambe 1847;
/55-56, 58 Relate to rebellion 1848;
/59 Includes reference to Thomas Mortimer 1848;
/61 Relates to licensing of catechists and ordination by bishop 1849;
/68 Comments on Cotta station 1849;
/81 Relates to death of Haslam 1850;
/90 Report on E. R. Clarke, signed by William Oakley and C. C. Fenn 1852;
/103, 110 Relate to James O'Neill 1853;
/147 Relates to printing prayer-book in Singhalese 1857;
/152 Includes prospectus [printed] for Kandy Collegiate School 1857;
/160 Relates to D. Perera's dismissal 1858;
/177, 179 Relate to prayer-book law suit 'piracy case' [see /666] 1860;
/178 Relates to death of E. R. Clarke 1860;
/228 Enclosed: B: Letter from Charles C. McArthur relating to estimates [written in England]: C: Estimates for repairs of Nellore and Copay churches and Chundicully mission house, signed by Thomas Good 1867;
/295 Relates to appointment of Wesleyan missionary for Kandy 1868;
/308 Enclosed part of letter from David Wood to William Oakley relating to progress in Tamil 1868;
/377-378 Relate to bishops for native church 1875;
/470 Includes copy of letter from churchwardens of Galle Face, Colombo and letter from missionaries' annual conference to committee at headquarters relating to Mr. Collins and Mr. Newton 1878, also list of seatholders in Christ Church, Galle Face 1878;

/520-539 Journals: Jan 1835 - Jun 1838; Jan 1851-1858 including;
/520 Journal of voyage out to Ceylon 1835;
/528 Account of Rajaparagadere Tikka, baptised Abraham, of Ratmewala 1851;

/540-564 Annual reports 1838-1839, 1841, 1844-1845, 1847-1866 including;
/542 Including circulars relating to school buildings with rough ground floor plans 1839;

/565-573 Annual letters 1855-1858, 1860-1861, 1867-1869;

/574-594 Circulars 1841, 1843-1849 including:
/567 Relates to temporarily taking post as Colonial chaplain of Galle 1845;
/585-586 Relate to Thomas Mortimer's ordination [two copies] 1847;
/587-588 Relate to revising translation of Singhalese bible 1847;

/595-629 Correspondence with bishop of Colombo relating to controversy [copies] 1876-1880;
/630-635 Correspondence with bishop of Colombo 1849-1850, 1854, 1866;

/636-654 Various correspondence comprising:
/636 Copies of correspondence with Rev. N. Garstin, Colonial chaplain, and Archdeacon J. S. Glenie relating to action of N. Garstin in employing Samuel John Mills 1840;
/637 Copies of correspondence with Joseph Bailey relating to behaviour as chairman of mission [see /23, 24, 26, 30] 1842;
/638 Copies of correspondence from Archdeacon J. M. S. Glenie relating to William Oakley's taking on clerical duties in Kandy during Rev. Edward Mooyart's absence 1845;
/639 Copy of letter to W. Osburn with reply to charges concerning Baddegama station [mentions Wesleyans] 1849;
/640-641 Letters to George Pettitt, including reference to erection of church at Colombo 1851;
/642 Letter to bishop of Colombo relating to Singhalese translation of bible 1855;
/643 Copy of proposed address to bishop of Colombo on his return to Ceylon 1856;
/644-648 Copies of correspondence with Archdeacon Glenie relating to attitude of CMS clergymen to episcopal authority 1856;
/649 Copies of correspondence relating to bishop's application to SPCK on behalf of CMS, asking for them to undertake the printing of the Singhalese bible 1857;
/650 Copy of letter to Charles C. McArthur relating to Thomas Mortimer 1861;
/651 Copy of correspondence with secretary of British and Foreign Bible Society, London, relating to translation of Singhalese bible 1865;
/652-654 Copies of letters to bishop of Madras referring to relationship with bishop of Colombo [controversy] 1877;

/655-664 Letters from various correspondents comprising:
/655 Isaiah Wood relating to repairs to Baddegama property 1848;
/656 C. Senanayake relating to acceptance of chaplaincy, with letters from bishop of Colombo, Thomas Higgens and William Oakley [copies] 1852;
/657 A. D. Gordon relating to location [copy] 1853;
/658 J. O'Neill relating to alleged ill-treatment by William Oakley [copy] 1853;
/659 Secretary of general meeting at Negambo, applying for financial aid from CMS [copy] 1855;
/660-661 Bishop of Colombo relating to licence for mission chapel, with copy of licence 1855;
/662-663 Secretary of Singhalese Tract Society 1855 [with copy];
/664 G. W. Parsons proposing raising salaries of catechists at Baddegama 1864;

/665 Letter from John A. Mathias of Colombo to Henry Venn relating to correspondence with William Oakley concerning attitude of CMS missionaries to episcopal authority 1857;
/666 Deposition by S. W. Dias relating to 'piracy case' [see /177, 179] 1860;
/667 Address to Christian Singhalese of Kandy [copy] 1845;
/668 Brief account of Kandians 1848
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