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TitlePargiter, Rev. Robert
Extent96 docs.
DescriptionChundicully, Jaffna 1846-1864
/1-65 Letters 1846-1864 including:
/14 Includes part of journal for Jun 1850;
/16 Includes part of journal for Oct 1850;
/22 Includes journal extracts 1852;
/26 Includes detailed account of state of mission by Robert Pargiter and Robert Bren 1854;
/29-30 Refers to American deputation and effect on education policy in all missions 1855;
/48 Explanation of Jaffna accounts 1858-1859;
/50 Includes rules relating to religious instruction in schools aided by grants from the Ceylon school commission 1861;

/66-70 Journal extracts: Jul-Nov 1851; May 1855; Jan-Feb, Jul-Sep 1856;

/71-80 Annual reports 1846, 1848-1851, 1853, 1860-1861 including:
/71 Nellore and Copay [on behalf of O'Neill] 1848;
/77 Jaffna mission: Robert Pargiter and R. Bren 1855;

/81-87 Annual letters 1854-1857, 1860, 1862-1863, /85 includes list of subjects read in Chundicully seminary 1860;
/88 Letter to annual meeting from R. Pargiter and J. O'Neill relating to Thomas Mortimer's ordination 1849;
/89 Letter to Rev. J. T. Johnston 1852;
/90 Statement relating to salaries of American missionaries 1847;
/91 Letter to G. Trimnell relating to Nellore account [also account of Jaffna station with W. Adley] 1846;
/92 Memorandum relating to proposed enlargement of Chundicully seminary 1850;
/93 Statement relating to alleged decrease in numbers of native communicants in Jaffna district 1863;
/94 Ground plan and estimates for proposed alterations at Chundicully 1850;
/95 Rough sketch of site of proposed new church [?at Chundicully] nd;
/96 Account with Jaffna mission: R. Pargiter and Charles McArthur circa 1860
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