Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C CH O12
TitleMiscellaneous papers
Extent20 docs.
Description/1-8 Letters to Secretaries at headquarters:
/1 J. Tracy, Singapore: Forwards tracts printed for C. Gutzlaff 1836;
/2 C. W. King, Corresponding Sec. of Medical Missionary Society in China: Forwards Society's report 1838;
/3 Dr. D. J. Macgowan, Ningpo: Professional opinion of missionary premises 1848;
/4 W. C. Milne, LMS: Sends printed circular relating to Old Testament translation Committee 1851;
/5 John M. Garratt, Corresponding Sec. of Geelong Chinese Evangelization Society, Australia: Requests a missionary 1858;
/6 Dan Hanbury: Gives terms for sale of Shanghai house to CMS 1874;
/7-8 J. H. Coghlan, St. Paul's College, Hong Kong: Correspondence relating to conflict with Bishop J. S. Burdon [see also C CH O3d/26];

/9 Copy of appeal on behalf of Loochoo mission by Dr. B. J. Bettelheim 1848;
/10-11 Chinese prayer to the Spirit of Heaven, with notes by James Legge [LMS] [2 copies] [printed] 1851;
/12 Extract from letter by Capt. William Quirk relating to W. C. Burn's adoption of Chinese dress 1856;
/13 Specimen of writing from St. Paul's College, Hong Kong 1863;
/14 Draft of circular by Ningpo missionaries 1864;
/15 Bishop C. R. Alford: Circular relating to Hong Kong orphanage 1869;
/16-17 Translation of questions and answers from ordination tests 1876;
/18 Copy of letter from Miss Houston, Foochow, to Miss Webb of FES 1877;
/19 Report of Chinese Association [for medical missions] [circa 1840];
/20 Notes on Chinese method of addition and subtraction [printed] [nd]
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