Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/G1 CH1 L1
TitleLetter-book: 8 December 1897 - 15 December 1905
Extent1 vol.
DescriptionIncludes: p.50 Committee resolution relating to China [printed] 1898;
p.67 Testimony relating to Rev. A. Iliff, Hong Kong 1898;
p.93b Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1898;
p.96-97 Memorandum relating to Women's Department [printed]: addessed to women's conferences regarding women's work and Three Years' Enterprise (No.4 Fuh-kien Women's Conference) 1898;
p.155 Extract from 'Regulations explanatory of the Relations between the Society and its missionaries' (1859) and minute of General Committee (1883): 1899;
p.199 Extract from letter of W. E. Hipwell to Rev. W. Banister relating to Anglo-Chinese School 1899;
p.246a Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1899;
p.358a Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1900;
p.371 Circular to missionaries relating to question of compensation for losses occasioned by Chinese fanaticism 1900;
p.416a Memorandum from Ecclesiastical Sub-committee relating to Bishop J. C. Hoare's scheme for Hong Kong Native Church 1901;
pp.444, 457 Rev. F. Ellingwood, Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, New York: letters to Eugene Stock relating to question of CMS work in Hunan 1902;
p.468a Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1902;
p.527a Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1903;
p.545 Circular instructing mission governing bodies to review their work [duplicated] 1903;
p.611a Instructions to missionaries [printed] 1904
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