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TitleLetter from Pratt to Thompson: 11 March 1815: London
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionThanks him for kindness to missionaries; urges establishment in presidency of corresponding committee, or, preferably, an auxiliary society; Madras friends authorised to draw £500 per annum; Norton may come to Madras if needed; he is a "zealous man, rather too self-confident, popular, sincere, devoted, five years a student and preacher, with solid acquirements, not a polished man, somewhat of the tabernacle about him"; is sending copies of 'Missionary Register' for distribution; books sent might form a small and useful library, to be attached to each station; when the present supplies have been divided library lists should be sent in so that they may be kept supplied with books and periodicals; the translation of abridgments of works such as Milner's 'History' might forward native education; concerning Lutheran missionaries, though episcopal ordination is to be preferred, CMS will avail itself of Lutheran ordination if circumstances necessitate this; hopes that Bishop Middleton will not take with him to India "that prejudice and malignant spirit which actuates some forward members of the C[hristian] K[nowledge] Society"; asks T. to consider ordination of native missionaries [copy]
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