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TitleLetter from Corrie to Rev. Charles Simeon: 22 August 1813: Agra
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionHas sent portrait of Abdul Masih to England in care of a Mr. Glyar, travelling on the 'Diana'; records two baptisms, a nephew of Abdul Masih aged 13, and a learned Mohammedan aged 50, both the long-delayed fruit of work of Mr. Brown who taught Sabat (whose translation of St. Matthew and St. Mark was rejected as being too learned and whose backsliding grieved Brown); reports 12 catechumens and four of their children to be baptised; Mr. Martyn knew nothing of the usefulness of Abdul Masih, whose work is now bearing fruit; wishes that something might be done to get catechists of Society for Missions to Africa and the East admitted to India; the Company is bound to have schoolmasters as well as chaplains on their stations; hears of Mr. Thomason whose work can only reach natives via Bible Society, since there is lack of workers for the interior; the Mohammedan just baptised is studying Hebrew, which will be useful when dealing with Martyn's Hindu translation of the Old Testament; Mrs. Corrie has learned to read the translation and talks of it with the women who come to her for prayers each day; her small girls' school must be 'boarding' to keep girls away from depravity of the natives; C. has school drawn from drummers and fifers of native corps; is now making extracts from Martyn's private papers [copy]
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