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TitleLetter from Pratt to Thomason: 29 March 1814: London
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DescriptionGrant of £500 is to used for support of readers and other general objectives of CMS in India; new school fund has been opened and as their educational work may be extensive, a second sum of £500 per annum may be drawn, from Midsummer 1813, on a separate account, for support of schools; hopes that an auxiliary society may be formed unless local feeling forbid, and the £400 subscribed there and the money sent from CMS should be one common fund; CMS would like this done before the arrival of the bishop as he is likely to countenance a society already formed rather than share in forming a new one on his arrival; is writing to Thompson and also Mr. Kohloff to ask for help and friendship for Schnarre and Rhenius, who will lack guidance from Dr. John; hopes S. and R., will follow in Dr. John's steps; the two sums of £500 are quite apart from salaries of two recruits; Abdul's journals have not yet been printed, but are too good to be published anonymously; Mr. Jonathan Scott of Bath will translate the liturgy into Persian and Professor Macbride, at Oxford, has offered to translate the liturgy and also Pocock's Arabic version of the liturgy and Grotius' 'De Veritate'; would be glad to have copies of liturgy in Hindustani, mentioned in Abdul's journal, also any other similar attempts; having now a house for the society they wish to establish a library and museum to give friends a good idea of society and manners in India; would be pleased if T. would get books and curios for this; has a young linguist, able in Arabic and Persian and understanding Hindustani, whom he hopes may help with translations of scripture and tracts which can be printed in England and distributed; Hindustani liturgy might be printed in England if thought best; regrets to hear of poor health of Corrie and his possible return to England; this raises more urgently the question of ordination of CMS readers, which P. fears aims at restricting the power of the English bishop to ordain natives; if so, CMS will strongly endeavour to have this changed; but if bishop declines to ordain natives, then resource must be had to Lutheran clergymen, whose ordination has been admitted by SPCK; nevertheless, ordination by Syrian, Armenian or Greek bishop would be preferable to Lutheran [copy]
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