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TitleLetter from Schnarre and Rhenius to Pratt: 16 August 1814: Tranquebar
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DescriptionSend 58; while in Madras collected information relating to state of missions; work at Vepery under Mr. Paezoli is poor; met Rev. Hutchings on his way to Penang as chaplain; the superintendents of the boys' asylum (Mr. Wann) and the girls' asylum (Mrs. Trotter) each showed S. and R. over their institutions and they were impressed by their work; heard from Cammerer and set out for Tranquebar; at Cuddalore called on SPCK missionary, Mr. Holzberg; they were disturbed to find that he attended a marriage feast, his resultant behaviour being bad a example for his congregation; they are waiting at Tranquebar for orders from the Royal Danish Mission College; their station may be changed; time spent in study of Tamil with their teachers; they will "look to" the free schools founded by Dr. John; there are now 21 of these with 700 children and 32 schoolmasters, all dependent on CMS support; mission work at Tranquebar is at a low level; German and Portuguese languages are most common, Englishmen are few; divine service is poorly attended; care was taken by friends in Madras when changing money, but some loss was unavoidable; Thompson will report on this; Mr. Groves, purser on the 'Marquis of Huntley' has said that some money is still owing to him for sending two boxes from London to Gravesend; wrote to Mr. Milburn to settle this; asks CMS to pay for two books brought out for Jacobi, which may be added to the library in India; urges need for workers to come out immediately as language study takes time and can only be done in India; slates and cards used in Bell's system of education have been left in London and should be sent as soon as possible
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