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TitleLetter from Thompson to Pratt: 4 October 1814: Madras
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionApparently a mistake has been made in instructions and letter to missionaries, or in correspondence with committee in Calcutta, for T. received a letter from Calcutta reporting that two missionaries were being sent and were under direction of Calcutta committee, whereas letters to missionaries and personal directions referred entirely to himself; possibly the letter to Thomason was misspelt as Thompson; T. had already made financial arrangements, as he wrote to Pratt, and cannot now change them, but hopes that this will not matter; hopes that Corrie may have a good chaplain at Agra, has heard of two offers; needs Englishmen in the south; fears that reports concerning Cammerer may lead CMS to change their opinion about supporting schools, but adequate supervision of them can be ensured and the work is worthy of help; some people wish to discredit Dr. Buchanan's account of India, and in particular the Juggernaut festival, of which he encloses a report [missing]; England as well as India should acknowledge debt she owes to Dr. Buchanan; his charge to the missionaries was admirable and should be a standing charge to all missionaries working in India
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