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TitleProceedings of the Committee of the Church Missionary Society [meeting held at Old Church]: 21 May 1814: Calcutta
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionPresent: G. Udny Esq., Rev. T. Thomason, Rev. T. Robertson
1. Proceedings
2. Account of monthly expenditure of Agra mission, with present state of accounts
3. 6 April 1814: Agra: copy of letter from Corrie to Thomason and G. Udny: provisions in East India Company's new charter for providing religious instruction for Europeans in India gives opportunity for missionary work also; descendants of Europeans and others professing Christianity deserve attention not only on their own account, but as a medium through which the nation as a whole might be approached with greatest success; suitable places are Berhampore, Monghyr, Bagilpore, Patna, Danapore, Buxar, Benares, Chunar, Allahabad, Cawnpore, Agra, Delhi and Meerut; a schoolmaster might be placed at each place to teach the children and hold services for the native Christians; government should be prepared to permit this and by this means at least the professedly Christian section of the community would "be brought to feel a common interest with us", which is not so at present; civil institutions have supplied information on moral right and wrong and the increased respectability of late years amongst the Company's servants has also helped; as civil liberty becomes better understood by the natives, unless they also gain ideas of a righteous life and contentment and obedience to the powers that be, "which the gospel alone supplies, more political danger is to be apprehended than from any temperate attempts at evangelisation"; of these attempts the plan of schoolmasters would be the least objectionable
4. 1 July 1813: copy letter from Corrie to Thomason and Udny: evangelistic work in Agra progresses so well that it has been necessary to start a school there; asks how far CMS might help with expenses; proposes formation of Auxiliary Missionary Society in Calcutta; suggest that counsel should be taken with CMS as to ordination of native ministers; there is space enough in the property taken in Agra for the erection of a church when necessary; "there are members of our communion carrying on native schools at Chunar, Bareilly, Meerut, Rewaree and Benares. Through these many opportunities of furthering the gospel would be opened to an Auxiliary Society":
5. 13 July 1813: Agra: extract of letter from Corrie to Michael D'Rozario: describes work in Agra
6. Proposal to form fund to support work in Agra with list of subscribers
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