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TitleLetter from Rev. Thomas Robertson to Pratt: 14 September 1814: Calcutta
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionSends accounts of transactions of committee; confident of power of gospel in India, though success is confined to a small portion of the population; although schools will produce workers later there is at present a need for young men from Europe; there are some difficulties but they are not so great as they may appear in England; difficulty of language "is quite imaginary, neither Hindoostanee nor Bengalee, the language of these parts, is to be accounted less than an amusement. It is not necessary to "know both of these"; it is not necessary to spend one's whole life in India, a passage home could be arranged at little expense, by means of private vessels; Corrie is at Chunar on his way to Calcutta and England; Bowley is to take his place at Agra, with Abdul superintending the native church; maulvi Munsoor is coming to Calcutta to perfect his knowledge of Hebrew and then revise the Hindustani translation of the Old Testament done by Miza Fitrut; British and Foreign Bible Society Corresponding Committee has aked for 2000 sicca rupees, granted by CMS for their printing of the Arabic testament; this will be granted at the meeting at the end of Sep and will necessitate drawing on London; Thomason and Sabat have completed the testament; the printers have struck off the gospels and are now working on the acts; the work will then wait until the epistles have undergone
criticism by learned Arabs
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