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TitleLetter from Robertson to Pratt: 17 November 1814: Calcutta
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionSends specimens of first two sheets of Hindustani prayer book, translated by Corrie, who superintends the press; 500 copies being printed in large type to help readers at services; letters received tell of someone engaged to translate prayer book into Arabic; Sabat also employed for that; Arabic translation done in England must be defective in idiom, whereas there are means in India for the production of a version acceptable to the natives; hopes soon to have a Bengali translation; extra grant will help education of Christian youths who may be ordained and help towards evangelistic independence of India; is searching for a suitable house for the institution, he himself to live on the premises and teach languages; plans for school for Bengali poor, for which a Brahmin has promised to buy land; Thomason urges them to begin schools at once; Corrie sails for the Cape in Jan; best not to change name of society at present; hope to conciliate the bishop on his arrival and trusts that he will be willing to work with them
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