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TitleLetter from Thomason to Pratt: 15 December 1814: camp at Cossypour in the Moradabad district
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DescriptionLetter has been sent to Udny and Robertson at Calcutta for discussion as to best use for increased grant; regrets Corrie's departure, as he is needed by people such as Abdul for advice and support; C's presence in England may be of great service to India, for he may stir missionary spirit of younger clergy and students, and it is hoped he will not return alone; hopes to visit Agra on his way back to Calcutta, but war has broken out and a Mahratta war threatens in the western frontier, so that it may be too dangerous to go to Agra, where the Mahrattas might make an incursion with their cavalry; new bishop will find his task difficult for he has no friend or supporter in the government; nothing disinterestedly good can be done without orders from home
Postscipt: "We are so near the seat of war that last night the hill people came down and plundered us of 20 camels"
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