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TitleLetter from Rev. Thomas Robertson: 5 January 1816: Calcutta
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DescriptionAbdul's journal from Agra contained little satisfactory news, but McDonald is now stationed there and is superindending the school and writes of Adbul's zeal; R. hopes for a replacement for Corrie at Agra; Bowley is now at Chunar - he and Abdul could not work well together; Bowley is busy founding schools within visiting range; the masters will be paid according to the number of pupils; R. had great hopes of six boys left in his charge by Corrie, whose knowledge of English will make them good missionaries to their countrymen; is daily expecting arrival of Schroeter and Greenwood from Ceylon; the Kidderpore school is ready to try the new method when the government experiment at Chinsurah has been tried; gives the minute against the purchase of Aldeen [see 3, 7, 9] but recommending purchase of suitable site on the river bank, where a printing office could be opened to give employment to native Christians and to spread Christianity; mentions sect growing round Ram Mohun Roy, a Brahmin who denounces idolatry as a corruption of his religion; he is an intelligent man, speaks English and admires Christianity; one of this sect gave land for the Kidderpore school house
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