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TitleLetter from Rev. Josiah Pratt, Secretary to Rev. Thomas Robertson: 8 July 1815: C. M. House, London
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DescriptionHas had rewarding conference with Mr. and Mrs. Corrie, from India and hopes to send missionaries when they return; has received documents sent by R. from the Calcutta Corresponding Committee and Mr. Thomason's letter from Cossypour; [Rev. William] Greenwood, Schroeter and [Rev. Thomas] Norton sailed for Ceylon at the end of May; G. and S. will await R.'s call to Bengal, N. is for Madras; the Parent Committee has raised married missionaries' salaries to £150 pa, the amount can be varied according to circumstances; the Calcutta Corresponding Committee is authorised to draw £1500 pa, the Madras Corresponding Committee £500; no reasonable funds will be refused; is anxious Aldeen, Mrs. Brown's estate, should be acquired by CMS on fair terms; Corrie thinks it should be a training centre for native schoolmasters and evangelists; many good offers of service have come from women, some may come out with Corrie; hopes for good co-operation from the bishop; rejoices in Abdul Masih's work at Agra and the promising outlook for schools; agrees with the idea of printing Martyn's Hindustani New Testament more cheaply in England, but thinks the India Committee of the British and Foreign Bible Society should be consulted by the Calcutta Corresponding Committee first; CMS will print the Hindustani Prayer-book
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