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TitleLetter from Thomason: 14 August 1816: Church Mission House, Garden Reach, near Calcutta
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionGives Calcutta Corresponding Committee's reasons for acquiring McWhirter's estate and settling Schroeter and Greenwood there [see 21, 22]; hopes for development of translation work and other publications connected with the printing press, and asks for printers and materials from home; the bishop has asked the archdeacon to enquire into the circumstances of Greenwood's helping T. in his church at Calcutta; the trustees, (Udney, Sherer and T.), think of asking the bishop to license Greenwood as T.'s assistant, at a salary of 200 rupees per month; T. would like CMS to choose suitable clergymen to be paid by Calcutta Corresponding Committee and presented to the bishop by the trustees; if, however, the bishop refuses to license such men, then the work of all CMS ordained men becomes irregular; asks if CMS men of influence could try to alter the bishop's outlook; feels he should refuse to accept a licence for his church which bars regulary-ordained men because they are CMS servants, but does not want to endanger episcopal relations; perhaps an ordained man could be sent out as a schoolmaster; the bishop might accept him were he designated thus instead of "missionary"; but let such men bring English wives with them; poor Greenwood has married after only a week's acquaintance an all together unsuitable partner; encloses copy of the trustees' letter to the bishop [missing]
21 Aug 1816: Gives news from Agra of McDonald and Abdul's zeal, and of Burkutoolah's death
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