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TitleMinutes of the Calcutta Corresponding Committee: 31 May 1817: Calcutta
Extent1 doc.
Description1. Proceedings
2. List of subscribers to CMS schools, with amounts
3. Estimates of expenses for building schools in Burdwan and one in Calcutta, and for maintenance of the one opened in Jun 1816
4. Reports of school attendance Jan-Mar 1817
5. Account of school expenses
6. Extracts from Captain Barre Latter's letter from Titalya 9 Feb 1817 [see 52]
7. Extract from Latter's letter 24 Feb 1817: finds Schroeter apt at acquiring languages and useful in breaking ground for missionary work; he is to accompany Lt. Weston into the hills on a survey; L. hopes the Committee will not remove him yet, but Malda would be good place for him later; he could learn Bengali under Ellerton; Schroeter should be provided with a small bungalow
8. Extract from Latter's letter 24 Mar 1817, Titalya: Lt. Weston's good report of Schroeter's conversing and reading with Lepaha tribesmen in their own language
9. Extract from Latter's letter 12 May 1817, Titalya: Schroeter is back from his journey to the hills; he was received with respect and attention as a missionary and has laid a foundation for learning the Tibetan language; the people showed desire to learn English, which promises well for later mission work; Schroeter should not be settled alone in the hills; at Titalya he is studying Bengali and Hindustani; L. stresses the great need for school books incorporating Scripture passages, and regrets that Scripture is not introduced in May's schools or at Kidderpore
10. Extract from Lt. A. MacDonald's letter 6 Feb 1817, Meerut: has engaged John Lyon at Agra to superintend school and Kuttra affairs
11. Extract from Lt. A. MacDonald's letter 15 May 1817, Rewary: Abdul Masih joined him at Meerut and accompanied him to Delhi, where he was interviewed by officers of the deposed Moghul sovereign, who accepted from him an Arabic gospel of St. Matthew, but did not receive him in audience; Abdul's nephew is a promising Christian; Tomkyns has gathered small church from boys of regiment, but no native enquirers have appeared; Lyon's school at Agra is thriving
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