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TitleLetter from Capt. Latter to Thomason: 26 June 1817: Titalya
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionRussians are taking measures for circulating the bible thoughout their empire and are contemplating a missionary expedition from St. Petersburg to the Chinese frontier to gain knowledge of Mandy, akin to Mongolian or Kalmuk; Paterson wishes for a translation into Tibetan; L. hopes Schroeter may be allowed to continue his good work at Titalya while field is open, for he is preparing the way for such translation work by his study of Tibetan; native schools have been established, but his superintendence is not required; he would need much help before, and while undertaking translation work; L. thinks co-operation with Russia in the translation into Tibetan and Tartar would be possible; some of the Lamas friendly to Britain are Kalmuks and would be influential in circulating the translations; L. hopes T. can send a copy of St. Matthew in Kalmuk or Mongolian to circulate among the chieftans near Titalya in return for the books he is getting from them, and thus to find out the language they know; printing is known in Tibet and they could print copies of the translated bible themselves; a mission in Tibet would require much aid and an outstanding leader [copy]
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