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TitleLetter from Rev. Henry Fisher to Thomason: 14 July 1817: Meerut
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionGives account of Anund's preparatory work among the Saadhs in five villages N.W. and W. of Delhi; Saadhs have seceded from Brahminism because of Brahmin extortion; they are simple, poor, low-caste people, well-disposed to receive Christian instruction; they possess and treasure a few copies of the gospels; Anund has given them the Lord's prayer and other Christian prayers, which they use in their daily religious meetings; F. and MacDonald hope to itinerate among them and they propose to settle Anund in Delhi with a school-house, where he can keep in touch with the Saadhs; first care will be to establish proper Sunday observance and village schools [extract]
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