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TitleLetter from Corrie: 17 September 1817: Calcutta
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DescriptionFeels it was right to station the Schmids in Madras [repeats reasons given in 73]; Madras Corresponding Committee feel the only way of taking over SPCK stations which are languishing is to send missionaries to help the aged resident ones, and to carry on their work when they die; station property could only be taken over by consent of SPCK Home Secretary; felt he could not authorise purchase of Rhenius' premises for £3000, but told Corresponding Committee to seize opportunities of planting schools to the extent of £200-£300, seeking the support of the Christian community by due publicity; Madras needs a ministry like that of the Old Church in Calcutta, to stimulate interest and support and to maintain regular communication with the different stations; in Calcutta many societies are active for native welfare, of which C. and Thomason will send reports, but these are not specifically Christian, and missionaries are more than ever needed; earnestly urges sending one for Burdwan schools; Abdul Masih is disabled by ill-health; desire at Calcutta is that the Christian college should be placed there; Corrie thinks he may be located to Benares; bishop is as unfriendly as ever and has made himself generally unpopular; regular correspondence is to be maintained with 'our' agents at least once a quarter; Adlington will probably go up country with Corrie
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