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TitleLetter from Corrie: 14 October 1817: Calcutta
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DescriptionAt his missionary sermon 12 Oct, a collection of 2000 rupees was sent to Thomason, and afterwards Fyz Masih, a convert from Mooradabad in Rohilcund, was baptised;Fyz became a Mohammedan from Hinduism, achieved great reputation for ascetism, but felt unsatisfied until he read a translation of the New Testament; he had been waiting several months for baptism; Abadullah appears steadfast Christian; prefers living with C. unpaid rather than going away to a paid post; the Christian boys are now living with C.; bishop was pleased at the baptism, but ignored the sermon and collection; it is suggested that a missionary association be formed with leading civilians as vice-presidents and merchants and other residents as committee; from their families missionary recruits might be found; Abdul Masih much incapacitated, but congregation maintains its numbers
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