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TitleLetter from Corrie: 25 November 1817: River Hoogley
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionIs on his way to Benares; his missionary sermon produced £300, but he failed to get Auxiliary CMS formed; Major Latter, for political reasons, stood against evangelising the natives there; also competent people connected with the Nepal embassy are compiling a Nepalese grammar and dictionary, so it was decided to recall Schroeter to Burdwan, where the schools need a supervisor; though gratified by his appointment as Benares chaplain, C. feels he would be more useful in Calcutta, in fostering the missionary spirit among young converts, and winning enquirers; the bishop is as lacking as ever in evangelical fervour; a school has been opened at Lucknow under an Englishman, resident in India for 30 years; Abadullah shows perplexing contrarieties; he is determined to be an evangelist, but is not making due preparation, and is depressed by his family's opposition
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