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TitleLetter from Pratt to Corrie: 21 July 1818: London
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionCommittee acquiesce in decision concerning Schmids, though they regret Calcutta mission's disappointment; they have taken legal advice as to the bishop's authority to refuse ordination to missionaries, and all agree that he is within his rights; they are preparing to send out six or eight Lutherans, the best they can find; a violent attack by the archdeacon of Bath upon CMS has resulted in increased support, whereby the Christian Knowledge Society and the Propagation of the Gospel Society have been aroused to jealousy; the former is educating some English missionaries the latter has placed £5000 at the disposal of the bishop of Calcutta, and is about to bring a King's Letter ordering collections in all churches and chapels in England and Wales [for foreign missions]; Thompson at Madras complains of Rhenius' impatience of restraint by Corresponding Committee; plan, in consultation with other missionary societies, will hasten completion of regulations defining the positive and relative duties of missionaries; native agents have refused to build the church on the site in Madras where it was begun; Mr. Fenn would be suitable for Madras, but is needed at Travancore; P. is anxious to receive books and articles making graphic the real state of the people in Calcutta and Benares; asks C. to request Abdul Masih for a letter every half-year; thanks Adlington for his letters and journal; Thomason has been asked to repay C. the amount he spent on Abadullah's passage; feels that the translation of the bible into Tibetan is important, but that Schroeter should be free to evangelise among the Nepalese; hopes for C.'s ultimate return to Calcutta, where his services would be most fruitful [copy]
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