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TitleLetter from 21 July 1818: London: Pratt to Thomason
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionAcknowledges receipt of letters, Bowley's journals and accounts of proceedings of Corresponding Committee; has sent some of the chief publications in the controversy aroused by the attack of the archdeacon of Bath on CMS at the meeting on 1 Dec 1817; outcome has been that all clergy will be enjoined by King's Letter to plead the cause of missions, especially to India, and that SPG has placed £5000 with the bishop of Calcutta, for missionary objects; there is great difficulty in finding a suitable ordained schoolmaster recruit, but the search will continue; high legal opinion, both in common and civil law agrees that the bishop has the same power in India over all clergy, as he would in England: he may refuse CMS missionaries a licence, restrain them from acting without one, prevent their addressing the natives except in an authorised place of worship or using extempore prayer; it is agreed that he has no power over Lutherans and their converts and arrangements are being made for an adequate supply of able and learned Lutherans; hopes Schroeter will be able to resume his Tibetan studies, as his gifts lie here, not neglecting evangelism in private conversation, though debarred from public preaching; regrets the detention of the Schmids but Madras is a fruitful field; asks for all books which throw light on India, and all reports of societies; promises printing-presses and a printer or printers, but Lee cannot be spared from his multifarious activities; P. has received the draft for the young women to come out to India from Ireland, but anticipates great difficulty in getting permits for them; great need of CMS is for men of selfless devotion and wisdom in training them [copy]
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