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TitleLetter from Corrie to Secretary: 31 July 1818: Benares
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DescriptionNeither C. nor Thomason has had news from Secretary for fifteen months; Calcutta papers report the opposition at Bath, but no authentic account of any answer to the mis-statements in their report has reached them; C. had heard incidentally of Fenn's arrival at Madras; a church is to be built at Chunar with Greenwood as minister, Lord Hastings has given 1000 rupees and local subscriptions are coming in well; Adlington has started a school in Benares with a house and endowment given by Jay Narain, but it is not easy to work with the captious ex-Hindu; it is important that well-educated men should be sent out soon; great interest in the gospel is being shown at Benares, Chunar and Mirzapore; Abadullah is bent on getting to England to claim the 100 rupees per month he says C. has withheld from him; Jay Narain wants a printing-press; it seems that missionaries coming out would, after a time, be granted a government salary if they ministered to Euorpean congregations; C. has represented to Lord Hastings that his patronage would make it possible to place missionaries at the military invalid stations of Moughyr and Buxar
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