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TitleLetter from Thomason to Pratt: 24 September 1818: Calcutta
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DescriptionEncloses 23 and urgently endorses Jay Narain's request; Corrie may soon leave Benares to become presidency chaplain in Calcutta; missionaries sent out to Benares should be instructed that they will be under the Calcutta Committee; Stewart needs two missionaries at Burdwan, a station of great promise; he is now selecting the best scholars from his twelve schools to be taught English at a central school; the Calcutta Committee is seeking a schoolmaster for this; Schroeter is now supported by government grant for his Tibetan studies at Titalya, but will keep in touch with CMS; Greenwood, the only Anglican ordained missionary, has been placed at Chunar to minister to Europeans and natives at the new church now being built; this thriving station, together with Benares when the press is set up there, will form a very satisfactory centre for that region; Deocar Schmid and his wife have now arrived in Calcutta and are a great asset; Schmid has a project for a Christian periodical akin to the 'Christian Observer' which the Calcutta Committee are sponsoring, and T. hopes the first number may be published Jan 1819; Mrs. Schmid is now in charge of the European Orphanage Asylum; T. asks for a printer, an assistant and a press with the necessary founts of good type, including Arabic, Persian, Greek and Hebrew; also for two missionaries of talent and piety for the Kidderpore station, which is at present closed; great delay and frustration result from having to depend upon native presses; CMS in Calcutta could fully employ at least two presses; T. complains of the time lag in receiving CMS publications from headquarters; suggests that a London bookseller be directed to send one copy of every publication as soon as it appears; Wilson's defence of CMS against Archdeacon Thomas's attack was printed in the 'Government Gazette', which goes to every public office in India; fears Greenwood lacks fire and energy to be an effective evangelist, but at Chunar he can work as a pastor of an established congregation; Latter has shown remarkable zeal in procurring from a friend in Paris a rare collection of missionaries' and other travellers' books on China and Tibet, to help Schroeter's work; he also secured for S. the government grant; these books will be offered to CMS at prime cost should Latter die or leave India; T. asks for slates and for reinforcements of able men at this time of promise; sends extract from his letter to Owen, from which the Secretary will see the position in Calcutta
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