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TitleLetter from Corrie to Pratt: 8 October 1818: Benares
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DescriptionCorrects inaccurate rendering in the Committee's report - that Pratt had contacted 3000 clergy well disposed to missions - as if Pratt actually corresponded with 3000 clergy on missionary business; missionary effort is increasingly asked for in Benares; the handing over of Jay Narain's school and property to CMS proceeds
14 Nov 1818: C. is now in possession of the deeds and conveyance of the house and hopes that the endowment of 40,000 rupees will soon be secured; there are now 116 scholars; the foundation boys may be taken from poor Christians; this would make it a Christian institution; governor-general promised help when the school is established, and Adlington and his sister will be here in Dec, bringing Greenwood for Chunar; a country-born young man educated in England and well-acquainted with the native language and manners, is already in the house as second master, with his European wife; £700 of the £1000 needed for the Chunar church is in hand; if C. is called to Calcutta, he hopes to relieve Thomason by undertaking correspondence with the CMS agents; C. offered to place the Benares Christian School under the Diocesan Committee, but the bishop was averse; since the chaplain's official charge does not include heathen, according to the bishop, it is no interference with his jurisdiction to consult with CMS about missionary projects
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