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TitleLetter from Corrie to Thomason: 13 November 1818: Benares: extract
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionJay Narain's house is now CMS property; C. has appointed a son of Colonel Richards, born in India but educated in England, as second master and Jay Narain has granted him 40 rupees per month salary; there are now about 12 boys of good family in addition to the poor scholars receiving maintenance, making 116 scholars in all; C. drew up an "advertisement" for the school, to be translated into native languages; this was forwarded by Jay Narain through the governor-general's agent to the governor-general; the school in the lines is flourishing under a good master who is also clerk of the church; Tomkins has sent a report of Agra school; C. approves only of the third of Ellerton's Bengali tracts; Jay Narain's house needs repair; a part could be made either into a spacious dwelling or a chapel, and there is abundant room for a printing-press beside; C. asks if it would be advisable to transfer one of the Chunar schoolmasters, a clever and serious young man, to Agra as schoolmaster at 20 or 30 rupees per month
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