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TitleLetter from Rev. Deocar Schmid to Secretary: 6 April 1818: Calcutta
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionHad hoped to employed in Calcutta in writing books for translation into native languages, and compiling a missionary magazine, projects endorsed by Thomason, but these have not yet materialised; Mrs. Schmid has been placed in charge of European Girls' Orphan Asylum, a post exactly suited to her; S., as chaplain to the institution, conducts daily and Sunday services and gives some lessons; the girls write what they recollect of his talks and he comments on these compositions; thus they improve both in scripture and in English; he proposes writing a universal history in simple language, showing how God has worked through world events, and how prophecies have been and are being fulfilled up to and since the coming of Christ and the work of the apostles; will write in English as he is not yet proficient in Bengali, but hopes to translate it later; is sure Madras will welcome it and translate it into Tamil; miraculous element will not be minimised as it often is in similar books for Europeans; Asiatics accept and expect miracles; Corrie, now in Calcutta, has approved S.'s project and has written a similar, but less comprehensive work in Hindustani; gives short extract from his journal since leaving Madras; is disappointed that he has not made as much progress in Bengali as he did in Tamil during his six months in Madras, but ill-health and exacting work at the orphanage are the reasons, also the teaching has not been so good; gives account of encounters with Ramashun Bay, who, he now feels, is not a sincere enquirer, but he is still in friendly contact with him; has met with friendship from missionaries of other denominations in Calcutta
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