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TitleLetter from Secretary to Thomason: 22 February 1819: London
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionSends documents asked for and 2000 slates and some hour-glasses; expresses satisfaction at the spread of education and the amount of the subscriptions raised during the year; he could not agree to the systematic exclusion of religious instruction from their schools; finds encouragement in the reports of the work of Corrie, Stewart, Abdul Masih, Bowley, Adlington and Greenwood and is glad that Schroeter has government support in his Tibetan studies; glad that bishop is active in establishing schools; home committee would like a half-yearly or quarterly account from each station; they hope to send both Lutheran and English clergymen soon; they are finding difficulties in arranging for the passage of the two young women; the bill in payment has been discharged; an up-to-date printing-press and accessories accompany this letter and some literature; receipt is acknowledged of letters and journals, minutes of Calcutta CM Association, School-Book Society and Diocesan Committee and a consignment of idols [copy]
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