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TitleLetter from Secretaries to Thomason: 21 January 1820: London
Extent1 doc.
DescriptionAcknowledges letters; reports of mission are very pleasing; anxious lest exclusion of teaching of scripture in early education at Burdwan schools should prejudice its inclusion later, but trust to Committee's wisdom and local knowledge; Schmid's interest in his work on the tract on ecclesiastical history must be checked, the Committee do not agree to his being attached to the Female Orphan Asylum; he must spend more time in direct missionary work; Mr. La Roche, Mr. Perowne and Mr. Brown, the printer, are being sent by the Committee for work at Benares; La Roche, although intellectually very capable, is still in need of spiritual instruction; Perowne was trained as a printer and he and his wife have made good progress in their training at Norwich; Mr. Brown has been working under the CMS printer, Mr. Watts; although trained as a pressman he is now acquainted with all aspects of the work and should be capable of directing a printing-works; more printing materials are being sent; for the press at Calcutta local help may possibly be obtained; Thomas Morris has spent three years as curate of Bedminster, near Bristol; Abadullah, who left India as a sailor, has arrived in England, but will have to return; in view of the growth of mission work it would be too costly to equip every mission station with a library; there should be a good library at Calcutta for the use of the mission generally and this should contain all standard works of missionary interest; the local stations should be supplied with a collection of books used frequently by the missionaries; in addition each missionary should have an individual set of such books as 'Scott's Bible', lexicons etc.; lists of books needed should be sent to London each Michaelmas; points out that copyists are sometimes inaccurate owing to lack of knowledge of English, which makes the despatches difficult to decipher [copy]
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