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TitleAppeals, addresses and memorials
Extent17 docs.
Description/1 To the president and secretaries of CMS: from native Christians at Agurpara: address in reply to letter from headquarters: 15 signatures 1849;
/2 To parliament: from clergymen at Calcutta Missionary Conference: petition relating to connection of government of India with Hinduism and Mohammedanism [printed] 1852;
/3 To governor-general of India: from ministers and missionaries in Calcutta: relating to connection between government of India and the temple of Jagannath at Puri [printed] 1852;
/4-5 To parliament: from members of Calcutta Missionary Conference: relating to East India Company's charter [with draft: printed] 1852;
/6 To CMS Committee at headquarters: from residents at Peshawar: relating to establishment of mission at Peshawar: 26 signatures 1854;
/7 To Rev. Henry Venn, CMS Secretary: from residents at Bareilly: petition for resident European missionary at Bareilly: 12 signatures 1856;
/8 To Committee at headquarters: from Peshawar CMS Association: relating to need to replace Mr. MacCarthy on his retirement: 8 signatures 1861;
/9 To the council of the governor-general for making laws and regulations: from clergy of Calcutta diocese: against Bill "to legalise under certain circumstances the remarriage of native converts to Christianity" [printed] 1865;
/10 To secretary of state for India [Duke of Argyll]: from members of Calcutta Missionary Conference: relating to vernacular education for the natives of Bengal: 20 signatures [printed] 1870;
/11 To the viceroy of India and governor-general in council: from missionaries engaged in education in India in connection with missionary societies in England and America: relating to government grants-in-aid [printed] 1873;
/12 To the viceroy of India and governor-general in council: from Calcutta Corresponding Committee: relating to removal of grants-in-aid from St. John's College, Agra: also petition from inhabitants of Agra [printed] 1875;
/13 To HRH Albert Edward Prince of Wales, at Amritsar: from native Christians of the Punjab: translation of address [printed] 1876;
/14 To archbishop of Canterbury: Lahore CMS missionary conference: relating to choice of bishop for Punjab: 23 signatures [copy] 1877;
/15 To Committee at headquarters: from Santhal missionaries: relating to need for medical man for Santhal mission: 5 signatures [copy] 1877;
/16 Appeal for rebuilding Trinity Church, Calcutta [carbon copy] 1877;
/17 To secretaries at headquarters: from residents in Punjab: relating to need for mission in Kashmir: 9 signatures [printed] nd
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