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TitleCorrespondence with, and papers of, other societies
Extent21 docs.
Description/1 American Presbyterian mission: letter from John Newton, missionary at Lahore, relating to proposed establishment of mission in Punjab 1851;
/2 American Methodist mission: /A-B letter from William Butler enclosing schedule of stations and staff of mission in India 1862;

/3 Basel Missionary Society: papers relating to position and rights of girl betrothed as a child to Muslim or Hindu and converted to Christianity before marriage: A-B memorandum and letter 1880; /C conference report: Special Conferenz uber Heiden mission: Basel [printed, in German] 1879; /D translation of brief extract of the report;

/4 London Missionary Society: prospectus of book 'History of Protestant missions in India 1706-1871' by Rev. M. A. Sherring [printed] 1873;

/5 Ladies Society for Native Female Education: /1-2 account of visit of Mrs. Ellerton and Miss Cooke to female schools at Calcutta 1822; /3-5 correspondence of Calcutta branch 1827-1828, 1851; /6-8 proceedings 1825, circular circa 1825 and statistics 1845, of Calcutta branch [printed];
/9 annual report of Benares branch [printed] 1838;

/6 Association for the improvement of the native Christian women in the North-West Provinces: circular of proposed association [printed] 1864;
/7 Christian Vernacular Education Society for India: Punjab branch: /A-C correspondence 1866, 1870, 1874;
/8 British India Society (for the acquirement and diffusion of useful knowledge): letter [copy] 1860;
/9 Nerbudda mission: Society for the Propagation of the Gospel: proceedings relating to formation of Saugor local association [printed] 1851;
/10 Ludhiana mission: letter from David Henon, President, and John Newton 1860;
/11 Chota Nagpore mission [Pastor Gossner's mission]: report of deputation of Calcutta Auxiliary Committee of Berlin Parent Committee relating to conference at Ranchi (relates to trouble with Ansorge and other missionaries) [printed] 1868;
/12 Mhow and Indore mission: /A-B letter enclosing appeal for help [printed] 1870;
/13 Calcutta School-book Society: Secretary Capt. F. Irvine: /1-2 lists of books sent to headquarters; /3 letter 1820;
/14 Calcutta Bible Association: report of second anniversary meeting 1824;
/15 Agra Tract and Book Society: letter 1851;
/16 Calcutta School Society: resolution relating to Miss Cooke 1821[see also O323];
/17 Calcutta Apprenticing Society: proceedings at inaugural meeting 1825;
/18 Christian Instruction Society: rules [printed] 1832;
/19 Agra Famine Relief Society: minutes [newspaper cutting] 1839;
/20 Benares Church of England Education Society: prospectus 1842;
/21 Juvenile Improvement Society, Bhowanipore: /1-2 letters 1860
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