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TitleMiscellaneous letters direct to Secretaries at headquarters
Extent34 docs.
Description/1-2 James Stewart: Calcutta: relating to tracts on idols 1827;
/3 R. Arnold: Bareilly: relating to missionary property 1829;
/4 Alexander Duff and W. H. Pearce representing meeting of Protestant missionaries at Calcutta 8 Mar 1831: relating to Hindu and Mohammedan laws of inheritance 1831;
/4A [no name]: Old Church Parsonage, Calcutta [end missing] 1832;
/5 William Bannister: Calcutta: relating to difficulties with Corresponding Committee over the head seminary 1836;
/6 Rev. Josiah Hughes, Secretary of Malacca Free School Committee: Malacca: relating to need for school master 1840;
/7 Geo. Edmondstone: Bolundshuhur, North-West Provinces 1843;
/8 A missionary in the East Indies: relating to difficulties with bishops 1843;
/9 John Boyle Barry, secretary to Tezpur mission, Assam: relating to mission, including history 1850;
/10 J. Thomason: Simla 1851;
/11 G. Currie: Calcutta 1851;
/12 Rev. R. M. Price, chaplain: Jubbulpur: writes as secretary to mission 1852;
/13 Rev. Henry Smith, chaplain; /A Agra: relating to Lt. Col. Nathaniel Jones and family becoming life members of CMS 1852; /B Mussoorie: relating to the Maharajah Duleep Sing 1852;
/14 A. M. Cape: relating to need for missionary work in Mauritius 1852;
/15 James Woods: Sigra: formerly employed by Benares CMS Association 1852;
/16 John Blomefield: Calcutta: relating to state of CMS mission 1853;
/17 Edward Thornton: Rawalpindi: relating to establishment of schools under American Presbyterians 1854;
/18 J. Thomas: Calcutta: relating to 'Calcutta Christian Observer' 1856;
/19 Alfred I. Latham 1856;
/19A J. I. Wright: Agra: includes references to mutiny 1857;
/20 Rev. F. O. Mayne, chaplain: Peshawar 1858;
/21 Eustace W. Jacob, Lieutenant 99th regiment: Fort William, Calcutta: relating to encouragement by Commissariat department of prostitution amongst troops, by provision of women and children 1859
/22 Fried. Batsch: Berlin: relating to voyage from Simla; also relating to Berlin society and work in Chota Nagpur 1860;
/23 H. Cleghorn: Gol Kutru, Peshawar: relating to proposed mission to Kashmir 1862;
/24 Eliza P. Lake: Dhureelalla 1863;
/25 Alexander Taylor: Kamptee via Bombay 1863;
/26 William Connor: Aligarh 1864;
/27 D. McLeod, Lieutenant-governor: Lahore: relating to Kashmir 1866;
/28 M. P.: Regents Park, London: donation for Calcutta CM College 1866;
/29 Rev. F. W. Robins, chaplain: Hazareebugh, Bengal 1869;
/30 Rev. John Clough, chaplain: Tonghoo, Burma: need for mission in Burma 1871;
/31 Lord Northbrook: Simla: to Lord Chichester, President of CMS relating to house for medical missions 1875;
/32 B. T. May: Calcutta: relating to memorial fund for Bishop Milman 1876 [see O11/65-66];
/33 John A. Gower: Stoke, Slough, England: relating to son-in-law Col. Bacon 1876;
/34 T. C. P. Boerresen and L. O. Skrefsrud of Ebenezer station, Santhal mission 1879
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