Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O23
TitleMiscellaneous printed papers
Extent12 docs.
Description/1 Account of Christ Church, Cornwallis Square, [Calcutta], including lithograph [pp.413-416, 'Christian Intelligencer'] 1842;
/2 Case, opinion, correspondence and papers relating to diocesan church building fund and episcopal consecration of churches 1843;
/3 Appeal for missionaries by 'A Friend to Missions' Calcutta 1845;
/4 'The Benares Recorder' 23 Apr 1853 [includes appeal for funds for Jay Narain's college (Benares)] 1853;
/5 Proposed alterations in the Anglican liturgy (for India): from 'Calcutta Christian Intelligencer' Jan 1857;
/6 'The Enquirer' 15 Dec 1864: cutting with leader 1864;
/7 Provisional board of management for North-West Provinces and Oudh: proceedings [held at C. B. Leupolt's house: H. D. Hubbard, C. E. Vines secretaries] 1866;
/8 The establishing of a medical missionary training institution in one of the cities of the North-West Provinces: proceedings of meetings 1867;
/9 'Calcutta Christian Intelligencer': circular relating to publication 1869;
/10 North India missionaries: syllabus of Bengali and Hindustani language examinations; syllabus for Bengali language examinations for Zenana missionaries 1878;
/11 'CM Gleaner': The Old Church Calcutta edition: notes on Rev. Thomas Thomason, Santhals and distress in Krishnagur district 1879;
/12 Lucknow mission church appeal [incomplete] 1872
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