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TitleGordon, Rev. George Maxwell
Extent25 docs.
DescriptionJulfa, Isfahan, Persia 1872; Lahore 1874; Jhelum itinerancy Pind Dudan Khan 1876-1878; Multan 1877
/1-16 Letters 1872, 1874, 1876-1878;
/17-19 Letters to secretary of Corresponding Committee 1874, 1877; /18 encloses resolution of conference relating to Gordon's visit to Baluchistan 1877 [signed by Robert Clark, Chairman, William Keene, W. Hooper, F. A. P. Shirreff, C. Reuther, W. Rebsch, G. M. Gordon, J. S. Doxey, William Briggs, William Thwaites, Thomas J. Lee Mayer, Worthington Jukes, T. P. Hughes, Secretary];
/20 Journal 1876;
/21-25 Annual letters for 1874-1877; /23 includes printed copy 1876; /25 is printed copy of /24 and includes journal extracts 1877
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