Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O137
TitleHenry, J. A.
Extent38 docs.
DescriptionAssistant Secretary to Corresponding Committee 1836-1841: Calcutta 1836-1841
/1-38 Papers as Secretary to Corresponding Committee comprising copies of resolutions, correspondence, finance drafts etc. 1836-1840 including:
/2 Minute of C. W. Smith relating to proposal for establishment of head of seminary at Calcutta 1836;
/3 Address of Calcutta Corresponding Committee to bishop of Calcutta relating to Bishop's College 1836;
/9 Correspondence and circular relating to Agra 1837;
/10 Letter from J. Haeberlin relating to Bishop's College 1836;
/11 Minute by W. Bannister relating to Bishop's College 1837;
/13, 15, 36 Correspondence with bishop of Calcutta relating to relationship with Calcutta Corresponding Committee 1836-1837, 1840;
/27 Relates to proposed orphan institution at Agra 1838
Access StatusOpen


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