Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/B/OMS/C I1 O147
TitleHughes, Rev. Thomas Patrick
Extent62 docs.
DescriptionSecretary of Punjab CMS conference 1866-1876: Peshawar 1865-1877
/1-26 Letters 1865-1866, 1870, 1874-1877 including:
/5 Relates to death of Rev. J. Stevenson 1866;
/9 Relates to death of Rev. J. W. Knott 1870;
/10-11 Relates to E. C. Johnson 1874;
/14 Includes reference to Miss Whateley's work in Egypt, Bishop Gobat etc. 1875;
/15 Relates to A. N. Matthews' translation of the Mishqat-ul-Masabih, with specimen sheet 1875;
/19 Relates to death of Bishop Milman 1876;
/21 Relates to proposed Punjab missionary bishopric 1876;
/22 Endorsed note "the missing two sheets sent away by Rev. W. Gray March 2/1877";

/27-36 Letters to secretary of Corresponding Committee 1866-1867, 1870, 1877; /33 relates to death of Rev. J. W. Knott 1870;

/37-46 Annual letters for 1866-1868, 1870-1874, 1876-1877; /41 is Ninth report of the Peshawar mission [printed] [includes Appendix: some account of the Armenian Christians in the City of Cabul (with journal of visit to Kabul by Rev. J. N. Allen 1842)] 1871;

/47-49 Letters to E. C. Stuart 1872; /48 includes reference to Islington College, giving opinion and reasons for shortage of missionary candidates 1872;

/50A-B Letter to bishop of Calcutta relating to argument with Rev. J. W. Adams concerning use of ritual in the celebration of Holy Communion and Hughes' exclusion from Adam's church 1872;
/51 Letter from Brigadier-General A. F. Dunsford, Peshawar [copy] 1867;
/52 Note refusing payment to Tallal-u-din [fragment: signature missing] 1876;

/53-61 Correspondence and papers as secretary of Punjab CMS conference 1866-1876 including:
/53-58 Letters to headquarters 1872, 1876; /53 includes testimonials recommending Imam Masih for deacon's orders 1872; /56 relates to use of Walter Jones Fund and action of Mr. Barry 1876;
/59 Report 1866-1867;
/60 Correspondence with Robert Clark, Chairman of Punjab conference relating to inadvisability of C. F. Rodgers, C[hristian] V[ernacular] E[ducation] Society agent at Amritsar being member of CMS conference 1877;
/61 Correspondence relating to ordination of Mr. William Briggs: letters from Robert Clark, G. Yeates, Ph. Broadway Superintendent of Police, R. Taylor Captain 41st Regiment, J. Welland 1872;
/61A Account of school visited by J. H. Pratt, Archdeacon of Calcutta 1867;

/62 Memorial notice of Fazl-i-Hakk Afghan Christian 1868
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