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TitleStuart, Rev. Edward Craig
Extent510 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Corresponding Committee 1860 - May 1865, Mar 1866 - Dec 1871: Assistant Secretary at headquarters 1872-1873: Agra 1851-1852; Calcutta 1852-1855; Jubbulpore 1856-1859; Calcutta 1860-1872
/1-344 Letters 1851-1852, 1856-1872, 1874 including:
/37-39 Relate to James Long and Nil Darpan 1861;
/44 Includes reference to Mrs. Somnitz 1861;
/74 Relates to Mr. Puxley 1862;
/84 Relates to state of Santal mission 1862;
/90 Relates to Mr. Hasell 1862;
/251 Relates to state of Chota Nagpur mission; newspaper cutting relating to Kols 1869;
/285 Relates to trial of Hindu lady converted to Christianity 1870;
/340-344 Written from Sidney, Australia, including reference to proposed refounding of New South Wales CMS Auxiliary 1874-1875;

/345-346 Reports of Jubbulpore mission 1858-1859; /345 includes copy of letter to the inspector, 4th Circle Director of Public Instruction relating to school 1858;
/347 Annual letter for 1855;
/348 Letter to James [?Innes] relating to trial of Hindu lady [see /285] 1870;
/349 Copy of extract of letter from Stuart to his father describing voyage to India [?1850];
/350 Copy of letter from Rev. F. Schurr relating to Rev. Remigie, Roman Catholic missionary of Phulbari 1873;
/351 Address from congregation to Stuart, J. Barton and J. Welland on their leaving St. Thomas' Church, Calcutta [printed: copy] 1869;
/352 Medical certificate: Mrs. Stuart 1856;

/353-506 Papers as secretary to Corresponding Committee comprising copies of minutes, resolutions, correspondence etc. 1860-1872 including:
/355 Extract of letter from Alfred Strawbridge, proposing mission station at Lahore [copy] 1860;
/357 Letter from H. F. Waddington, Mundla 1861;
/363 Letter from Calcutta missionaries to James Long relating to indigo planters and ryots [copy] 1861;
/364-365 Correspondence from James Long [copies: beginning of /365 missing] 1861;
/366 Relates to death of Mr. Somnitz; German missionaries and Mr. Cuthbert 1861;
/370-373 Relates to relative claims of Agra Orphan Institution Committee and Secundra Press Committee at Allahabad, to funds granted by government for mission property destroyed at Secundra during the mutiny 1861;
/376 Minute on Santipore training school 1861;
/378 Copies of 1837-1838 correspondence relating to Agra CMS Association 1861;
/383 Correspondence with W. S. Atkinson, Director of Public Instruction relating to Santal education 1861-1862;
/386 Letter from W. Muir relating to Secundra compensation money 1862;
/388 Minute drawn up in 1855 on schools in Bengal district 1865;
/405 Letter from Frederick Mather, Lahore 1862;
/407 Remarks by committee on headquarters' minute relating to management of North India mission 1863;
/409 Letter from Samuel Dyson in the 'Friend of India' relating to Santipore and the director of Public Instruction [printed] with memorandum by Stuart 1862;
/417 Encloses letter from W. Gray, Secretary of Madras Corresponding Committee 1864;
/425 Leaflet: lectures on Christian theology given in hall of the Free Church Institution [printed] 1864;
/430 Correspondence between H. S. Patterson and George Yeates relating to management of Multan mission 1864;
/434, 441, 444 Letters from Fried. Batsch, Chota Nagpur 1865;
/436 Remarks by Stuart on "note" by director of Public Instruction Bengal [copy] 1865;
/446 Letter from J. Welland 1866;
/459 Memorandum of agreement relating to 12 College Square [sic], Calcutta [for proposed missionary college] between Stuart and Rev. John Barton [copy] 1867;
/461 Includes ground plan of site including and adjacent to 12 College Street [sic] Calcutta 1867;
/467 Minute by Sir Donald McLeod on site of proposed college 1868;
/480 Letter from D. F. McLeod 1868;
/493 Letter from M. A. Sherring, Benares on death of Mr. Knott 1870;

/507 Letter to missionaries announcing departure from India [printed] 1872;
/508 Address of thanks to headquarters from congregation at Dera Ismail Khan 1868;
/509 Letter to the editor of the 'Bengal Hurkaru' relating to James Long [newspaper cutting] 1861;
/510 Notice relating to talk by Stuart at Sidney [newspaper cutting] 1874
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