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TitleBarry, Rev. David Thomas
Extent137 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Corresponding Committee Apr-Oct 1876, Jan 1877 - Aug 1878: Calcutta 1876-1879
/1-114 Letters [many as Secretary to Corresponding Committee] 1876-1879 including:
/54 Includes letter from J. Welland to S. Dyson relating to children's allowance for missionaries [printed] 1875;
/58A Letter 1877 encloses indenture for 12, College Square, Puttuldangali, in Arpooly, Calcutta 1867 [copy];
/67 Encloses letters from John P. Ellwood and Mrs. F. Ellwood 1877;
/71 Encloses letter from W. Jukes 1877;
/77 Encloses cutting from the 'Hindu Patriot' relating to Mr. Bomwetsch's departure from Anglican liturgy [Plymouth Brethren tendencies] 1878;
/92 Includes letter from T. K. Weatherhead of Bombay 1878;
/101 Includes letter from C. T. Hoernle relating to son John 1878;
/107-108 [copies] 1878;
/112-113 Written from Foochow, Ningpo, China 1879;

/115-134 Copies of correspondence and papers as Secretary to Corresponding Committee 1876-1879 including:
/115 Relates to Simla mission finances including copy of proceedings of Simla church council 1876;
/116 Letter from C. E. Vines relating to Agra mission finances 1876;
/117 Letter from J. Stuart relating to finance 1876;
/118 Letter from R. Clark relating to ordination of Seetal [extract] 1877;
/119 Letter from Miss H. J. Neele of Agurpara relating to needs for boarding school [extract] 1877;
/120 Letter from T. P. Hughes, Secretary of Punjab CMS conference 1877;
/121 Letter from Rev. Fuchs relating to grant for son [extract] 1877;
/122 Letter from Mrs. Elmslie relating to furlough [extract] 1877;
/123 Letter from T. Hoernle relating to Landour property;
/124 Letter from C. T. Hoernle [extract] 1878;
/125 Copy of letter to T. P. Hughes relating to Walter Jones Fund, including list of native agents on fund 1876;
/126 Copy of letter to Rev. C. H. Bomwetsch 1877;
/127-129 Notes to accompany Calcutta Corresponding Committee minutes of 13 Mar, 15 May and 14 Aug 1878;
/130 Memorandum on working arrangements between CMS and Old Church, Calcutta 1877;
/131 Note relating to Zahor Bakhsh property 1877;
/132 List of queries relating to minutes 1878;
/133 Appeal for repairs of Trinity Church, Calcutta [printed] circa 1876-1879;
/134 List of missionaries who came out to the field 1871-1876, with comments on their characters and abilities circa 1878;

/135-136 Medical certificates 1877;
/137 Remarks relating to Peshawar mission taken from the mission record book [copy] 1877
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