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TitleBarton, Rev. John
Extent90 docs.
DescriptionSecretary to Corresponding Committee Jan-Feb 1861, Feb 1862, Mar 1865 - Jan 1866; Secretary to Madras Corresponding Committee 1873; Secretary to Agra CM Association: Calcutta 1861; St. John's College, Agra 1861-1863; Amritsar 1863-1864; Calcutta 1865-1868
/1-61 Letters 1860-1869, 1872-1873 including:
/4 Includes reference to Puxley 1861;
/6 Relates to boarding school system at Krishnagur 1861;
/14 Including appeal for funds for college [printed] 1861;
/18 Written from Meerut, relates to mission 1861;
/20-23 Include reference to place of education in missionary ethos 1862;
/26 Relates to 1862 Lahore conference 1863;
/38 Relates to Old Church Calcutta;
/39 Minute by Rev. J. H. Pratt on taking over by CMS of Old Church, with comments by Barton 1865;
/53 Encloses estimate for proposed college in Amherst Street, Calcutta 1866;
/60-61 Relates to Allahabad conference 1872-1873;

/62-69 Letters to Secretary of Corresponding Committee 1861, 1863, 1867-1868 including:
/63 With endorsed note by E. C. Stuart 1861;
/64 Incomplete, but added note by E. C. Stuart 1861;
/67 Includes appeal for Cathedral Mission College, Calcutta [printed] 1867;

/70-79 Correspondence and papers as Secretary to Corresponding Committee comprising:
/70-73 Letters to headquarters 1865-1867;
/74 Copy of letter from J. Stevenson relating to staffing Peshawar mission 1864;
/75 Extract of letter from Dr. Elmslie, Kashmir 1865;
/76 Note from James Stuart 1871 enclosing letter from Sir Frederic J. Goldsmid relating to Rev. R. Bruce and Persia 1870;
/77 Letter from J. P. Ellwood to E. C. Stuart relating to fiancee Miss Beardsworth 1871;
/78 Circular [printed] 1865;
/79 Correspondence relating to ordination of Kadshu, catechist [copies] 1865;

/80 Letter from C. Boileau Elliott 1865;
/81 Letter to Sir Robert Montgomery relating to education [extract] 1863;
/82 Letter to bishop of Calcutta relating to proposed transfer of Old Church to CMS [extract] 1865;
/83-84 Circulars relating to examinations of anglo-vernacular mission schools in the Punjab 1863;
/85 Answer of director of Public Instruction, North-West Provinces to petition of seceding students of St. John's College, Agra [copy] 1862;
/86 Letter from Rev. R. Clark to Rev. W. Smith relating to Kashmir mission [copy sent by Barton to his sister Anne who sent it to CMS headquarters] 1863;
/87 Memorandum on organisation of North India mission 1862;
/88 Report of proceedings of Lahore conference [printed: end missing] 1862;
/89 Appeal for Cathedral Mission College, Calcutta [printed] 1867;
/90 Calcutta University: syllabus for BA degree 1875
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