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TitleBruce, Rev. Robert
Extent139 docs.
DescriptionAmritsar 1859-1861; Dera Ismail Khan 1862-1867; Teheran, Persia 1869-1870; Julfa, Persia 1870-1875
/1-86 Letters 1859, 1861-1864, 1867-1875 some containing reference to John Tyler, assistant in Persia 1869-1870 and including:
/5 As Acting Treasurer to Derajat mission 1862;
/7 Gives account of state of mission 1863;
/14 Includes brief journal of work in Persia, May 1869;
/26 Relates to divisions and languages in Persia, including sketch map 1870;
/48 Includes brief account of converts 1871;
/49 Includes copy of letter to Persian Famine Relief Committee, Calcutta 1871;
/60-61 Relates to possibilities of religious freedom for Persia 1873;
/68 With letter and comments on Persian translation by Sir Frederic John Goldsmid 1873;
/72 Relates to religious persecution 1874;
/82 Encloses copy of letter to Dr. J. Josenhans of Basel, relating to state of mission and opposition of Armenian archbishop 1875;

/87-99 Letters to secretary of Corresponding Committee 1863-1867, 1870, 1872-1874;
/100 Journal of itineration in Amritsar district Nov 1860 - Jan 1861;
/101-102 Report [two copies] 1860;
/103-107 Annual letters for 1859, 1861, 1867, 1871, 1874;
/108 Letter to Rev. Robertson [copy] 1872;
/109-110 Letters to Rev. Haas of Basel [copies] 1872;
/111 Letter to Colonel Haig [copy] 1874;
/112-115 Letters from Benjamin Labarre, American missionary in Persia 1869-1870;
/116 Letter from J. G. Cochran, American missionary in Seir [near Tabriz] 1869;
/117 Letter from John Tyler, Teheran 1870;
/118A-B Letters from George Ledgard, SPG Bombay, relating to Persian translation 1870-1871;
/119-121 Drafts drawn by Bruce in Teheran 1869;
/122-123 Account of Bruce and J. Tyler 1869;
/124-130 Draft and telegrams relating to Persian Famine Relief Fund 1872-1873; /124 sent by J. R. Preece 1872;
/131 Persian Famine Relief Committee report: signed by J. R. Preece, Assistant Superintedent Persian Telegraph 1872 [Bruce on committee];
/132 Persian Famine Fund: report and accounts by Bruce 1872;
/133 Article on the famine [printed in 'CM Intelligencer' Nov 1871]
/134 Catechism on baptism and holy communion [written by Bruce for translation into Persian] 1871;
/135 Account of journey in the Charmabal mountians, Persia Aug-Oct 1873;
/136 Account of city of Humadan [printed in 'CM Intelligencer' Apr 1870] 1870;
/137A Brief letter to General Lake from Lord John Lawrence relating to religious persecution in Persia 1874;
/137B Correspondence with Evangelical Alliance, Strand, London relating to persecution of Christians in Tabriz 1874;
/138 Circular relating to suggested Punjab conference to be held in winter 1862-1863: committee John Newton, J. N. Merk, Goloknath, M. M. Carleton, R. Bruce (Secretary) [printed] 1861;
/139 Scriptural history: in Persian: [printed] 1874
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