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TitleClark, Rev. Robert
Extent126 docs.
DescriptionChairman of Punjab Native Church Council 1876-1878: Amritsar 1853-1854; Peshawar 1855-1856, 1859-1865; Amritsar 1865-1868; Lahore 1871; Amritsar 1873-1875
/1-70 Letters 1853-1866, 1868-1869, 1871-1878 including:
/2 Relates to Peshawar, following the decision by the Committee at headquarters to start a mission there; also includes account of Abdul Masih 1853;
/3 Account of missionary tour to Kashmir 1854;
/4 Detailed account of journey to Ladakh and Skadu [Tibet] through Sund-i-sur Singh, Paien Dras, Kargil, Molbi, Lama Turu, Ladakh and Khoppela; includes visit to monastery of Heme near Ladakh; mentions polo [p.28] 1854;
/5, 7 Signed by C. G. Pfander, Colonel W. J. Martin and Clark 1855, 1856;
/8 Relates to anonymous gift of money to establish mission in Oudh (Lucknow suggested) [encloses copies of two letters (enclosure 1 missing) see also /13 1859] 1856;
/11 Encloses copy of correspondence with G. G. Cuthbert 1857;
/12 Relates to Colonel Martin 1858;
/14A Includes reference to Abdul Masih; mentions first Persian service also reference to work amongst 24th Punjab Native Infantry at Campbellpore 1859;
/14B Copy of letter from Corporal F. Morton 81st regiment Peshawar 1859;
/15 Relates to alleged government order against officers' evangelism among the native troops of the 24th Punjab Infantry regiment [includes copies of correspondence with bishop of Calcutta and Sir Robert Montgomery: see also /119] 1860;
/19 Includes reference to Derajat mission 1862;
/20 Includes reference to school at Amritsar 1863;
/22, 24 Written as Secretary to Punjab Medical Mission Association 1865-1866;
/24 Includes reference to Kashmir 1866;
/25 [Postscript only] 1866;
/26-27 Relates to medical missionary for Chamba 1866;
/29 Relates to need for native ministry 1868;
/39 Relates to Kashmir 1871;
/45 Relates to Divinity School: concerning mission administration and lack of power of missionary conferences, including letter to Clark from T. P. Hughes 1872;
/49 Relates to religious liberty in Kashmir 1873;
/50 Need for medical missionary at Amritsar 1873;
/57 Encloses letter from Colonel Edward Paske to Clark and copy of letter from Clark to Mr. Heyde, Moravian missionary [to the Tibetans] at Kyetang 1874;
/58 Encloses letter from Mrs. L. Merk relating to son Charles 1875;
/59 Encloses programme of bishop's visitation of Amritsar 1875;
/60 Relates to amendments to constitution of Punjab Native Church Council 1876;
/63-64, 66 Relate to Alexandra Girls' School [Amritsar] 1876-1877;
/65 Encloses programme and agenda for first meeting of the Punjab CMS Church Council 1877;
/68, 70 Relate to Punjab and Sindh Corresponding Committee 1877-1878;
/69 Includes copy of brief memorandum by W. Keene relating to boys' school at Batala 1878;

/71-92 Letters to secretary of Corresponding Committee 1861-1868, 1871-1878 including:
/72 Relates to death of T. Tuting 1862;
/77 Relates to Lahore Medical Mission Association accounts 1866;
/79 Relates to proposal to start mission at Lahore 1867;
/83 Encloses correspondence relating to need for medical missionary at Amritsar; memoranda from Sir Donald McLeod and Dr. Elmslie and letters from Dr. Elmslie and Dr. I. Pinefoy Colles, Professor of Medical College, Calcutta 1868;
/84A Relates to bishop's rules relating to ordination of native priests and deacons with particular reference to Imad-ud-din 1868;
/84B Letter from Mrs. Clark relating to outfit allowances etc. 1868;
/87 Relates to Mrs. Elmslie 1873;
/89 Written as chairman of [Lahore] conference 1877;
/90-91 Relate to Batala schools and criticism by Mr. Bodger, with letter from F. H. Baring 1878; also translation of address presented to Imad-ud-din, Headmaster at Batala [/91] 1878;

/93 Notes of Clark's report of Amritsar mission 1867;
/94 Report of Amritsar mission [first sheet missing] circa 1865-1868;
/95-101 Annual letters for 1855-1856, 1859-1862, 1868, 1874 [statistics only 1874];
/102-103 Medical certificates: Mrs. Clark 1862;
/104-109 Letters to E. C. Stuart 1873;
/107 Relates to papers of Dr. Elmslie concerning Kashmir 1873;
/108 Relates to administration of mission 1873;
/109 Relates to Mrs. Elmslie 1873;
/110 Letter to Rev. William Keene 1853;
/111 Letter to Rev. John Tucker 1858;
/112 Letter to Colonel W. J. Martin relating to Kashmir and urgent need for mission in Srinagar 1862;
/113 Letter from C. Hoggett relating to Kashmir mission 1862;
/114 Letter from T. Farquhar relating to Pathans 1863;
/115 Letter from John Newton relating to establishment of Lahore mission 1867;
/116 Copy of letter of Clark's from Peshawar 1856;
/117 Note by Clark relating to ordination of Mr. Briggs 1871;
/118 'A voice to Cambridge from India': appeal by Clark for missionaries 1853;
/119 Copy of correspondence relating to 24th Punjab Native Infantry regiment [see /15] 1860;
/120 'The Kashmir mission viewed in its relations with the native government': journal extracts of stay in Srinagar Apr-Jun 1863; correspondence with governor-general, British agent at Srinagar, missionaries and others relating to possibility of establishing Kashmir mission [copies] 1863-1864;
/121 'Journey of two Afghan Christians from Peshawar to Kafiristan': includes account of customs, Suides, Fazl Huq and Dildwur Khan [printed in 'CM Intelligencer' Jul 1865] 1864;
/122 Programme of proceedings of Punjab CMS Native Church Council [copy of /65] 1877;
/123 'Proposed erection of mission buildings inside the city of Umritsar [Amritsar]': appeal for funds: Robert Clark mission secretary [printed] 1865;
/124 Correspondence and opinions relating to suggested removal of Dr. Elmslie from Kashmir to medical mission at Chamba (suggested by the rajah) [original bundle] 1866;
/125 List of subscriptions and donations to mission to the Afghans [with signatures] 1853-1855;
/126 Remarks by E. C. Stuart from the Peshawar mission record book 1866
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