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TitleCorrie, Rev. Daniel
Extent207 docs.
DescriptionSecretary of Corresponding Committee 1820-1834: Calcutta 1815-1834
/1-133 Letters 1820-1834 including:
/2 Relates to Bishop's College [Calcutta] 1820;
/5 Reference to Rev. Robertson bringing to England painting of Abdul Masih 1820;
/6 Includes reference to Abdul Masih 1820;
/7 Relates to Mr. Deerr and Mr. La Roche and difficulties with German missionaries 1820;
/12 Includes list of books printed at CM Press 1820;
/15 Relates to Mr. La Roche 1821;
/17 Includes reference to Mr. Adlington 1821;
/30A-B Relate to death of bishop of Calcutta including [/30B] detailed assessment of character etc. 1822;
/34 Includes reference to Mr. Peters, formerly a Baptist missionary 1822;
/40-43 Relate to Rev. W. H. Mill and Rev. J. Hawtayne's attack on Calcutta Corresponding Committee, with correspondence 1823;
/46-47 Relate to merger of Calcutta Corresponding Committee into CMS Auxiliary Society, and relating to property 1823;
/49 Relates to mission church Calcutta 1823;
/60 Includes reference to Abdul Masih and Mr. Bowley's episcopal ordination 1825;
/64 [Beginning missing];
/65-66 Includes copy of letter from J. W. Doran relating to death of Bishop Heber 1826;
/70 Relates to Syrian Christians 1826;
/73 Relates to Bishop's College, with note by F. Goode 1826;
/80 Relates to grants to Bishop's College 1827;
/88, 100, 102 Relate to Wilson, Reichardt and Steward 1827-1828;
/130 Has note relating to finance by C. J. D. Murray 1833;

/134 Brief report of visit to Delhi, Meerut, Chunar, Benares and Buxar 1825;
/135-137 Reports of visits to Burdwan 1827-1828;
/138 Letter to W. Bannister, Secretary of Madras Corresponding Committee 1827;
/139 Letter to bishop of Calcutta 1824;
/140-144 Letters to G. W. Crauford, Secretary of Corresponding Committee 1824;
/145 Letter to R. Hamilton 1827
/146 Letter to E. A. Newton relating to finance 1824;
/147 Letter to T. Thomason relating to bishop's wishes concerning Bhagalpur 1824
/148A Letter from Rev. H. S. Fisher, including reference to Anand Masih [incomplete: end only] 1827;
/148B Letter from A. Hampton applying for employment by CMS, with note by Rev. G. W. Crauford of Allahabad 1828;
/149 Letter from Rev. John Irving, chaplain at Agra 1824;
/150 Letter from Rev. William Parish of Kurnaul 1828;
/151 Letter from Colonel W. S. Whish of Kurnaul 1827;

/152-200 Papers as Secretary of Corresponding Committee, comprising correspondence, circulars, copies and drafts of committee papers including:
/152 Copies of correspondence relating to Rev. William Greenwood 1815-1828;
/153 Correspondence with Rev. D. Schmid 1820;
/154-155 Relate to Rev. C. G. Schroeter's Tibetan papers (dictionary, grammar, treatises etc.) 1820;
/156 Extract of letter from Henry Money relating to visit to Chunar 1820;
/158 Correspondence with Lutheran missionaries relating to their use of the Anglican formularies 1821;
/160, 172 Relate to Benares school 1821, 1826;
/161-162, 171, 191 Account of work by Rev. William Deerr 1821-1822, 1826, 1828;
/163, 167 Relate to Rev. Isaac Wilson 1822, 1824;
/164 Extract from proceedings 5 Apr 1823 relating to Mr. Wilson and Miss Cooke;
/168 Relates to Nilgherry Hills project 1824;
/173 Including ground plan of proposed church, house and school at Buxar 1826;
/183 Copies of correspondence with Rev. J. Steward of Calcutta 1827;
/184-188 Correspondence and proceedings relating to Wilson, Reichardt and Steward 1828 [/184 is duplicate of /186];
/195 Relates to John Moore 1829;
/196-197 Report by Rev. M. Wilkinson (Gorakhpur) 1829;

/201 Petition to Corrie from parents and friends of boys relating to proposed plan for establishment of school for sons of missionaries: dated Calcutta: [51 signatures] 1826;
/202 Memorandum on native female education [printed] 1822;
/203 Native female education: proposal for a central school [printed] 1823;
/204 Extract of letter from Mrs. Corrie relating to visit to Benares, Chunar and Mirzapore [few details] 1824;
/205 Report of examination of Burdwan schools by Corrie and Major Phipps 1822;
/206 Account of hill people of Bhagalpur [including customs] 1824;
/207 Report by Corrie [draft: ?report to Corresponding Committee] 1826
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