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TitleGovernment papers
Extent14 docs.
Description/1 Provisional rules for grants-in-aid of education in lower provinces of the presidency of Bengal [printed] 1854;
/2 Minute by lieutenant-governor of Bengal on the alleged rejection by the government of Bengal of a geography class-book because it contained matter hostile to the Hindu religion; with correspondence [printed] 1857-1858;
/3-4 Correspondence relating to education among Santhals [copies] 1860, 1862;
/5 Report and tabular abstract of results of written examination in 1862 of government and grant-in-aid schools in Punjab [printed] 1863;
/6 Papers and correspondence relating to proposed Bill to provide for solemnization of marriage in India of Christians, including memorandum with opinions of all clergymen (including Roman Catholics) in the Nuddea division [printed] 1863;
/7 Correspondence relating to establishment of Anglo-vernacular zillah school at Peshawar [copies] 1865;
/8 Abstract of proceeding of the council for the governor-general of India: relating to Registration Act Amendment Bill, and Re-marriage of Native Converts Bill [printed] 1866;
/9 Grant-in-aid rules for North-Western Provinces [printed] 1874;
/10-11 Resolution [printed] and draft of memorial from CMS, relating to Zahor Baksh premises at Lucknow 1875;
/12-14 Correspondence relating to withdrawal of grants-in-aid from St. John's College, Agra [copies] 1876, 1878, 1880
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